23 April 2006

Who's side are you realy on?

One of the things any soldier hates it the threat of friendly fire, now with the advance of communication, Satellite imaging you would think its hard for a modern military to shoot its own people of their allies, sadly not in Iraq, a considerable number of the British Casualties during both Gulf Wars were a the hand of their allies, once such incident was the fact a British Tank with the union Jack painted on the roof and transmitting the appropriate signal was blown up by a US Pilot as he mistook them for an Iraq Tank, last time I checked Saddam was never equipped with Challengers. There was an incident on the camp I am on, there is a US Air Force Captain, is an excellent laugh and cares a great deal about her work, for obvious reasons wears US Military Uniform and has blond hair. Now in the infinite wisdom a National Guard unit mistook her for an insurgent, anyone spot three problems which the National Guard Obviously missed as they shot a flare at her.

Now some might laugh at this, but it is indicative of the lowering of standards in the US Military. I have met and worked with some outstanding examples of good service personnel, but I have seen the real dross. All Branches in the US Military are failing to meet their recruitment targets, so what do they do, lower the standards, they now take people with lower level of education, lower fitness and have widened the list of criminal convictions they will allow.

One thing that is really shocking is the rampant waste of money over here, now some of you if you are Americans may know that KBR/Halliburton are under investigation by Congress as they were caught fiddling the books and over charging the US Military for fuel, quite surprising really when their ex CEO is now the Vice President of the United States. Well KBR is not very well liked by the grass roots troops, there was one case were one of the soldiers in the units mechanical department gave all his generator spares to another civilian company because they didn’t want KBR to have them.

So much money has been spent in Iraq that it works out every man woman and child $10,000 EACH. There is a camp near to mine that has a scrap yard the size of a small English village, there is enough operational equipment on here to equip a small country, it seems that in the US Military and KBR they have a philosophy that if its damaged its easier to replace than to repair.

Now things are still getting stressed on my camp, now you may not know this but I am a Civilian Contractor, now how it works is that a US Officer is appointed to each civilian company on base, turns out ours is a right ass hole, he used to be a good laugh, would come round for our BBQ’s, have a chat and laugh, turns out he was as spineless as a jelly fish. When we have our daily meetings he likes to use the Phrase “The Colonel Said” or “Command have said”. At one point he tried to play our company off against another civilian company on base, the gimp didn’t know that we actually talk to each other. He is the perfect example of what an Officer should NOT be, he is one of the types who get all Americans a bad name, he has a habit of demanding people drop everything there are doing, regardless of how important to do what ever he wants to do. Perfect example, yesterday there was a major supply convoy that had arrived that was 5 days late, so the Civilian Contractors were off loading the supplies which he knew had arrived and knew how important they were, but no, Captain Twat demands that the fork lifts be sent to him so that he can off load some generators which were not going to be connected for a few days, but the supplies on the convoy were needed that day, when he was told that the fork lifts wouldn’t be available he transmitted over the radio “Tell them it is a directive from their COR( Contracting Officers Rep) and if they don’t they will be in breach of their contract”. If this is the calibre of officers that are in the military no wonder the US are getting a bad name and the good officers get tarred with the same brush. In the end he was ignored as the base commander said the supply convoy was more important.

as you know from reading my other entries I used to have a great laugh with the old XO (old as in previous, the git is younger than me), he along with the likes of the Blond Captain and the guys who work “across the river” and Major Bum as we call her are the good that are in the Military, I could ask any of them anything and vice versa and if it is within our power will gladly help each other out. Mind you it was funny though at times as our old XO (I know your reading this) and the two female officers didn’t used to get on, I think it was like the situations many of us were in when we were young and at school, when we used to like a girl we would be horrible, pull their pig tails type of thing…….

Now for some of the British Police readers you will understand this next incident. How many of you have got in a disagreement with the Custody Sgt over the removal of the handcuffs. There was one incident I was involved in, now this incident happened whilst I was a Force Defensive Tactics Instructor (Something the Custody Sgt didn’t know) well I locked up this guy for scrapping in the street, we had a bundle to get the cuffs on him, had to fight to get him in the van, then when we got to custody had a fight to get him out of the van, now in their infinite wisdom the Sgt decided to keep us waiting, whilst we were waiting he stated to all of the officers present that as soon as we take the hand cuffs off he is going to attack us. When the Sgt finally let us in from the holding bay we had to use force to get the bloke inside. After I explained all the circumstances the Sgt began to go through the booking in process and actually asked me to take the handcuffs off so the guy could sign it. I repeated what had happened and that he made threats to attack officers and that I wasn’t happy to take them off, the Sgt wasn’t happy so I offered him my handcuff key and said he was welcome to remove them, I did this knowing that the whole incident was recorded. He stormed round the counter and removed the handcuffs ignoring the safe removal training he was given, he then gave the person a pen so sign the custody papers, the guy then refused to hand the pen back so the all knowing custody Sgt and another officer end up getting into another fight with the guy trying to remove the pen which he is now trying to stab them with and try and get him to a cell.

When it came to documenting all this I made a full pocket book entry detailing my professional opinion as a Defensive Tactics instructor and how the Sgt had completely disregarded all the information I had given him and exposed officers to avoidable risk and that the fight in the custody suite was completely avoidable, I then sent papers to our divisional Defensive tactics advisor who completely supported me. The Sgt was really friendly to me next time I brought a prisoner into the block next time having been spoken to.

The moral of this story is that if you are the one who has been with a violent “customer” then have the courage to stand by your convictions and if you can justify it in law then say NO, then having insured that this is recorded on the custody recorder offer the Sgt the key to do it themselves.

Well last night was one of the best here, we had a BBQ and invited some of our friends round, the atmosphere was great, actually forgot what complete assholes some of the Americans have become, at the BBQ there were both enlisted and Senior Officers and, we didn’t manage to entice the ladies to try out the Jacuzzi we built though. The BBQ was sort of a leaving party, for me and two of the officers who are leaving. For the good people here, you can never forget the friendships that you build up and I certainly wont forget the friends I have made out here. They certainly are a credit to their service and country, it is just a pity they get stuck working with assholes.

It is going to be weird leaving the camp in a few days, its not like leaving any other job, especially for me and the other medics I work with.

Now as part of the many jobs I do out here is to be responsible for the medical provision for over 90 civilian contractors from several different countries, including South Africans, Indian’s, Nepalese, Sierra Leons and a few others.

Now under the US Military classification they are classed as TCN’s or Third Country Nationals, however I am not as I come from the UK, a lesson a yank learnt the hard way when he was using a chemical toilet……

Now back in their home country the TCN’s could have to pay for medical treatment and medication, now for the slightest thing I will have a stream of TCN’s except the South Africans come to my office asking to tablets without telling me what’s wrong, I thought working in a Psychiatric Ward was bad with the hypochondriacs, they these guys are terrible, the favourite complaint is “Body Pain” normally after the lazy gits have actually done some work, when there was more staff the most under performing ones were the Sierra Leon Guys, they would try and bunk off work every chance they could get, if they had to do any form of manual work, within a few hours they would be knocking on my door begging for tablets. They think medication grows on trees and that there is an endless supply

One of the things that bugs me is how subservient the Indian and Nepalese staff are, this is not because they are expected to do it as part of their job, but no matter what I am doing, carrying a box, cleaning my truck out, the guys will walk up take the box out of my hands or take over washing my truck, it bugs the crap out of me, this is 2006 not 1940’s in the British Empire. However the Sierra Leon guys, since they have been employed by my company they have been nothing but problems. The women that were employed sold themselves to anyone who would have a go, Coalition, and other staff. The guys cause just a much problems, they are militant to the point of disrupting operations, they steal something chronic and make Arthur Daly and Del Boy look like amateurs, when they leave we search their luggage, last time the stuff I found, one person stole pairs of latex gloves and paper hats people wear when working in the kitchen, one person even had taps in their luggage, they have the misconception that rules don’t apply to them. The harass the Americans to try and get them green cards or get them into the US. Now before any stupid hippy liberals reading this claim I am labelling all Sierra Leons I am not just the ones I have worked with, work being a loose term when they are concerned. If one of them has a problem, they can never come and talk to you individually, they always come with a committee and their opening comments are “Sir, My brothers and I”

19 April 2006

Dose of reality

I have had a number of interesting comments made on my blog and thought I would address them. Now as I have explained on the forum, one of the esteemed moderators made a comment how my leave from Iraq always coincided with the dates when the forum had one of their social events. When I replied to this comment between them the author of the comment had completely changed to another moderator and several of my friends on the forum made comments that I was infact working in Blackpool.

The fact that someone tried to trace my IP address for fun whilst I was in Baghdad just goes to show how sad they are and the fact that would think I made this all up. It really is a sad reflection on this country (UK) that people with this level of intelligence are the ones to up hold Law and Order.

The other comment was about PSD (Professional Standards Departments) and how that it is not the officers fault, well here’s the thing, you do not get forced to join the department, you CHOOSE to join the department.

The Politicians in deed need a kick up the ass, they need to realise that they create more problems than they solve with their drive for Political Correctness, has anyone noticed that the biggest advocates of Political Correctness in the UK are White Middle Class people who try and force their perception on to everyone, including the minority groups they pretend to care so deeply about. But the fact is the Senior Ranks of the Police Service should be ashamed of themselves, I doubt very much that they are put under pressure to find disrepute cases, they just go hunting for them so that they can try and stay in favour with the Administration in the hope of getting a QPM or a Knight Hood.

Now the esteemed Commissioner of the Met actually interfered in an investigation concerning a Police Officer who miss pronounced "Shi`ite". Now if this was any other type of PSD investigation would the Commissioner have intervened, in the end the Employment Tribunal found in favour of the officer under investigation and they were quite vocal in their Views of what the Commissioner had done.

The fact is Forces up and down the country use PSD to as a tool to prevent criticism of them or their forces. I may have been asleep during my GCSE History, but wasn’t the Second World War fought to stop this kind of behaviour, (http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/england/london/4638331.stm). Even the most Senior ranking Asian Police officer in the country dismissed the complaint in shock that it had even reached his desk, but this wasn’t good enough for the Campaigning Commissioner.

The pendulum has swung in the opposite direction from the 70's, 80's and Early 90's of ignoring racisms and other forms of discrimination they have swung in the opposite direction, any one remember the McCarthy Era in the US were they had the reds under the bed. We are now faced with a situation were some senior officers see, racism, sexism, homophobia or any other of phobia were in some cases there isn’t. Now dont misunderstand me I think there is no place in the Police Force (Not supposed to use this word) or Society in general for this type of discrimination, but the current polices need to be re-looked at and replaced for more common sense policies, now if it was a ethnic minority officer who made a comment about a group of white people I doubt it would have even been investigated, in fact it wouldn’t surprise me if the officer making the com plaint was investigated for picking on the minority officer.

I have never in the 7 years of my service ever encountered any form of discrimination except from the force against me. I say this following two incidents.

  1. Until the McPherson enquiry the force I was in had never bothered with my welfare or progress, in fact following one incident were I dealt with a jumper, all the regular officers were contacted by Welfare to see if they wanted counselling, but for some reason they missed me out. But after the McPherson enquiry I was inundated with letters, reports and junk telling me how I was important to the force... ooops Service and how they were looking after my welfare. I sent a nice reply back that until the McPherson report they had never bothered with me and that they were treating me differently purely because of the colour of my skin which I felt was discrimination and if they continued I would make a formal criminal complaint. Guess what......... they stopped sending me stuff.
  2. Now no one can say I ever had a good working relationship with my old Area Officer, but I had a meeting with him one evening before my shift, he said that following the Area Officers Meeting, my name was put forward to take part in a recruitment campaign, now normally I would have jumped at the chance, however this happened around the same time as the previous incident, so I asked him, "Is it because of the amount of work I do or is it because I am listed as IC2 (Dark European), as I have no intention of being used as anyone’s token officer" Not surprisingly he couldn’t answer me and I was never used for the recruitment campaign, instead every other ethnic minority officer I knew was featured on a poster. They didn’t even have the guts to be honest with me.

For anyone spending any time in the Real World or General Discussion area of the forum will see how a distinct leftist slant that is prevailing across the police service. In an effort to show how squeaky clean they are on the forum people are manipulated to post in a particular way to show them in bad light or the moderators just edit someone’s post without consulting them, because of this I now saves copies of pages of controversial threads I take part in. Another method of censorship on there is if you are put on “Moderated Posts”, now what this means that if a moderator doesn’t like you they can put you on moderated posts which requires all your posts to be checked by a moderator before they are posted, they can then edit your posts to say what they want before posting it, then even if one moderator does past the persons post, there has been several cases of a particular moderator either deleting or editing posts already approved and what is the reply when this was challenged “If you don’t like it don’t come here” This is hardly the behaviour and standards one would expect from a police officer.

It has been stated that Freedom of Speech doesn’t exist on there, as the site belongs to the host and its his forum and his rules, all Police Officers are supposed to up hold the Human Rights Act and people Human Rights, so how can police officers only play lip service to it when on duty, but disregard it when someone makes a comment they don’t like.

There will be my regular update at the weekend, with some intresting news for my readers, but I would like to take this oppertunity to thank people for taking the time to read my blog and for those who have taken the extra time to post comments.

15 April 2006

The Thin Blue Line

Well things are getting interesting here, now you know from my other posts there is a big deal being made of getting Sunni Iraqi’s to join the army, all well and good but at the camp I am on there is growing animosity between the Sunni and Shia units on base, it didn’t help that for the Sunni Soldiers were marching around the camp chanting Pro Saddam slogans calling him the Hero of Tikrit and chanting anti American Slogan, took 3 days before the Americans found out. As a result there are now groups of Shia Soldiers who want to deal with the Sunni’s their own way.

I was having a chat to a friend of mine back home (UK) about my time in the Police, the service as a whole in Britain is pretty screwed, it is suffering from a chronic lack of leadership with guts to tell all the hippy liberals to go screw themselves. The slightest hint of getting sued then the police give in making out of court settlements. At the same time the Police are more than happy to go on witch hunts of their own officers who have blog's or post on forums. There are times when I think some of the moderators on policespecials.com are employed by retainer from the PR Departments of their respective forces. They bully and harasses people to have the approved opinion about any issue they like, perfect example was a long discussion about Positive Discrimination, once force deliberately deselected white male recruits because they had enough, those people whit brain cells and common sense posted on the forum that this was illegal and even posted evidence to prove it, the result was getting flamed and having snide comments made. In the end the force did infact admit what they were doing was illegal, all the do gooders on the forum who were jumping up and down justifying what this force did all went quiet and crawled back under their rock.

Forces are increasingly becoming strapped for cash but waste money on witch hunts, one case was a force pursuing officers for making a comment in a secure police station to another officer about a criminal, something they would not have found out about if they didn’t have CCTV cameras investigating a separate incident. Now for all you British Police Officers who read this you will know of the catch all offence the Police Use to do with any officer they don’t like “Bringing the Service into Disrepute”, they use this for anyone who dares to speak out and tell the truth about policing, how senior managers are more concerned about their next promotion or getting a medal than the policing of their area or the welfare of their officers.

Forces hate to admite they are failing and like to pretend to members of the public that theya re getting value for money, so now with the explosion of blogs forces have taken to bullying their officers and threatening them with “Bringing the service into Disrepute” if an officer dares to speak the truth and say how it realy is. Heven forbid the public learn that it is rare for anyone above the rank of Sgt to be out on the street, or about how officers are being handicapped with left wing ideology. How officers are restricted from carrying out their duty for fear of upsetting a particular group. The Police are supposed to have a high level of integrity, but the powers that be feel threatened if officers dare to speak the truth, about how they spend more time filling in pieces of paper which justifies a civilians job or meets some target set by people who have no idea about how innicent members of the public have their lives blighted by crime.

Now with any police force there is always urban legends about different people in the force, one person I have heard about is in fact an ACC, now to look at him, he always looked a bit of a scruff and had a nose that Rudolf would have been proud of. Once such legend involving him was that at a Confirmation Ceremony when he hands out the Warrant Cards the poor officers who had to go up and receive theirs got breathed on and was hit from the fumes of his drinking. The same person also fell asleep due to his drinking at a Police Authority meeting.

Now as you know I was a Special Constable, for you Colonials that means Reserve. Now After initial teething problems I was moved to a different unit, in fact this was the best thing that ever happened to me, I began to develop an excellent working relationship with the regulars. Now the major problem with the Special Constabulary in the UK is the chronic lack of professionalism, when you have Senior Specials advocating walking out if you are asked to do something you don’t like, it hardly does the service any favours. One of my major gripes with specials is those who cherry pick jobs, I would always work the same shift as the regulars, if that meant I work 14 hours then so be it, one such day I was on duty for 20 hours, my attitude was that when I came on duty and until I went home I would do whatever was asked of me, if it meant babysitting a shit bag in the cells instead of the Area Car driver then I would do it, what makes more sense a Special sitting in the cells or a highly qualified response driver. It was this attitude that resulted in the close relationship with the regs, to the point that Sergeants would ask me if I wanted to do operations before asking the Section Officers (Specials Supervisors). Now something people need to understand at the time I was in the Specials there was a lot of nepotism within the Specials Supervision which meant the regs had very little faith in the Supervisors. It reached a point were the Area Officer deliberately obstructed me, he attempted to block my application to go on courses, it was only after I got an Inspector involved that I got on the course, his response was “Because of your relationship with the regulars you get better opportunities than the rest of us” My reply was simple, just be more effectual when you go on duty rather than just wander around doing sod all.

Now back to my delightful camp in Iraq, for all my Military readers you will fully understand the difference between line officers and those who have got their rank sitting on their ass’s in an office who think they are line officers, we have 3 of these at our camp a female Lieu Colonel and 2 Captains, all these are Air Force, none of they appear to have any Combat experience and are the biggest wingers going. There are units working outside the camp to protect us and prevent the insurgents attacking us, when the US Officers working with these units come in to camp we have a chat, laugh and get on great, even they are getting pissed off with the office jockeys. The Office Jockeys seem to have no comprehension of what life is like in the field, whilst the guys in the field are sleeping in crap accommodation without air conditioning,, permanent power supply the wingers on camp are bitching because a light has blown in their room, or their tap leaks or their air con doesn’t work properly.

Since I have been working with the Americans I can fully appreciate why people don’t like them due to the actions of a few everyone gets labelled the same. I have made some really good friends out here and even they are embraced about their fellow country men/women who they say are getting them all a bad rep.

The British Police service has been liberalised to the extent that in some cases they have tied their own hands up for fear of upsetting someone, the So called leaders or Commanders have forgotten that first and foremost they are police officers, in one force I have a friend who is a Special Constable, now in this force gangs of youths basically claimed an estate, vandalised cars and set them alight then started attacking the police who went to deal, what did the Senior Officers do, instead of gain the streets back and instilling Law and Order after 3 Police Officers called for a PSU (Riot Police), guess what the order was……

Yep you guessed it the request for the PSU (Police Support Unit) was denied all three times and all police were pulled out of the area, leaving the innocent with no protection because the senior officers had no guts. I wish we could go back to when the police had a back bone.

A similar incident happened to me in my first force, I was leading a public order van on a weekend night, we went to back up a couple of foot officers, they ended up getting into a scrap and my van set up a cordon, about this time the night club closed so all the people spilled out into the street, resulting in more fight breaking out, PAVA drawn and used, emptied my can and drew my baton, one officer had her front teeth knocked out, loads of Urgent Assistance calls go out. The Controller was getting every available unit to respond, but the Duty Inspector standing nice and safely in the control room watching the CCTV screen made the judgment that he didn’t want to inflame the situation so cancelled the officers responding. The controller was spitting bricks, as we were still rolling around the floor fighting trying to shout for help over the radio’s the officers ignored the inspector and raced to the scene, with one incident we filled the entire custody block, the control so angry they called the duty Superintendent. The debrief was interesting all the officers who were at the incident went ballistic when we ground out our help was cancelled, so as a UDT/OST (Defensive Tactics Trainer) I stated that I would be documenting what happened and the risks the officers faced in my official statement and use of force form and would be ensuring that it reached the Head of Operations and that officers were deliberately put at risk.

The Inspector was one of the rapid promotion types, were they get very little operational experience but are good on paper. In the time I spent in the force as a Special Constable, he went from Special Constable to Regular Inspector in the same amount of time.

09 April 2006

Nest of Vipers

We used to have a good working relationships with the US troops on base we would have a good laugh and a few of them would come round to our accommodation for our BBQ’s, we have made some god friends, however over the past month that goodwill has quickly diminished.

The first thing that happened, in one of the mess halls (DFAC for my colonial readers) is run by a fierce South African woman who scares most US troops on base, she called up to say that the Jundie were fighting, as normal we requested support from the US Military, the officer who is responsible for looking after this company replied he was to busy to attend. The unit the Jundie came from has US Officers attached to it as Advisors, now the previous advisor an outstanding and top bloke an LTC in the USMC would always make sure the civilian staff were ok and went out of his way to make sure all problems were sorted, however his replacement is a waste of space, the new guy a full bird colonel as the yanks say turned up, when informed what had happened he replied “Its not our fight, we are just advisors, leave them (unarmed civilians) to deal with it and pulled two of his soldiers out who were trying to help. He then walked off until I transmitted his entire comments over the radio net requesting military support, he then turned around and returned to the DFAC.

We have a new guy on base, an Air force Captain, he has to be a grade A asshole, along with the colonel they have managed to nearly destroy all the goodwill that has been established over the past year we have been here.

Now something you definitely wont see on the news is the standards that the IAF live in, now a bit of back ground, when they were first given these ablution blocks, they were spotless, and the pics you see is what the Iraqi Soldiers turned them into, this is what the Coalition is having to deal with, I have the greatest respect for the Coalition folks who are trying to educate these people, you cant call them animals, animals don’t shit in the same place that they sleep.

Had fun with a convoy a couple of days ago, just before we left the camp to of the dim wit drivers decided to drive up the wrong road and nearly getting two semi’s stuck. Then when we left the camp we were driving through chicane, one of the trucks saw an oncoming US Convoy approaching so stopped to allow them to enter, however the twat stopped in the deepest, wettest muddiest part of the road which was to narrow for the American convoy to pass anyway. When we tried to leave the twat had got his truck stuck so we had to get a tank to toe him out.

As expected there is good natured ribbing between the Brits and Yanks, but there is a limit, I actually saw 2 American Marines getting very defensive when a US Soldier was bad mouthing the Royal Marines, so one US Marine took offence having worked with Royal Marines, punched the soldier, doesn’t matter what country they were from, Marines are Marines, the USMC guys actually said the Royals could teach the Army a few things.

At another incident I was involved in, one US Marine decided to be rather suicidal and start bad mouthing Brits, his fellow Americans were obviously embarrassed, one person who shall remain nameless managed to get into the Marines room armed with a can of CS Spray (similar to the ones police officers have), along with some help the person removed all the Yanks trousers, took them outside and sprayed the crutch of all his trousers, then when it crystallised they were put back in his room, now as the rooms have air con and this was the height of summer the room was nice and cool, so next morning he put his trousers on and the heat activated the CS.

Moral of the story for all my American readers, don’t bad mouth the Brits, especially if you are on a base full of them and there is a vindictive bastard on base.

I have been contacted by one of my colonial readers who complained at some of the terms I have used, so here is a link from BBC America Site that translate into American (http://www.bbcamerica.com/britain/dictionary.jsp).

Every day on base we have a daily meeting in the afternoon, now as you will know the atmosphere has been pretty crappy of late, we went to the meeting fully expecting the new Captain to give us shit, however thanks to the timely intervention of one of the finest example of a US Marine I have worked with in over 4 years or so I have worked on and off with the Yanks, thanks to his help I sat in the meeting have not only pulled the rug out from underneath the arrogant Captain but ripped it out, this morning he demeanour changed completely from being a complete prick yesterday to all friendly and smiley.

I was digging though some old files on my computer and found some posters I had done. The previous XO of the base had a wicked sense of humour and surprisingly was well versed in current events unlike many of his compatriots I have worked with, now for obvious reasons I have blacked out his face, but the pic in this posts is one of the posters I did after I “Acquired” a picture of him. There was a few made much to the enjoyment of the Americans on base who enjoyed having a laugh at “The beast”.

02 April 2006

Is it worth it????

Is it worth it?????

I am in no doubt that the Coalition needed to get rid of that maniac, but the powers that be screwed up big with the stupid assumption the whole country would have a ticker tape parade, but having seen the standards and behaviour of the IAF at the bases I have been based, I can see this is going to be one screw up as soon as the coalition leave.

Back to the standards of the IAF, one of the towers on our camp is staffed by the IA, they are so good that one night they caused a major security scare across the whole camp, we heard massive gunfire, all the Coalition troops scrambled think they was a major attack on the camp only to find out that the IA had mistaken a cow for an insurgent.

It seems that the Coalition Powers that be seen to enjoy walking round in circles, there is a big drive to recruit Sunni’s into the Military to make it more representative of the population, at the moment to placate the Sunni’s who actually manage to pass the entry requirements they give in to every demand, whilst the Shia and Kurdish soldiers have to live without Air Conditioning, in stead only allow ceiling fans, to stop the Sunni recruits from leaving they give them Air Conditioners, I can just see the crap that is going to happen when the other soldiers find out.

A major thing all the Iraqis bitch about is the food, now that the West has given them the much flaunted right to complain, and complain they do about everything. Despite the portions being dictated and approved by Iraqi/Coalition the new Sunni recruits bitch that they don’t have enough food, so what do the US Senior Officers on base say, “Oh but this isn’t a normal boot camp, this is special”, my diplomatic response was “So what, this is still a military base, they should act like soldiers and accept what they are given.

All the staff here have their own call sign, it didn’t take long for me to be given the call sign “Bart” as in Bart Simpson, because our personalities are similar, it may have had something to do with the fact that during my chequered past, I tipped over a portable toilet at another camp when a twatty yank in it who had the nerve to claim the UK was a Third World Country, the guy was taking a dump at the time and the portable toilet hadn’t been emptied that day.

The Egg trick was pretty good as well, at one training course I was on way back when I had no grey hair, there was this complete asshole on the course, no one liked him, one of the other people in the group was gay, so one night the class went out and got complete wasted, as it was a residential course we all staggered back to our rooms, mean while twat man was well wasted, after stripping collapsed on his bad, so Mr Evil (Me), managed to get a raw egg from the canteen, as twat man slept very heavy, so I broke the raw egg over his but and left. Next morning we got the gay guy to go in twats room in just his boxers to wake him up, got him to slowly wake up twat man, then when twat man was awake say “Hi, I really thought you didn’t like me, but am really glad we got together last night”.

Despite having a great deal of admiration for the US Marines who are out in the field, on base they are the biggest wingers after the Iraq soldiers, they seem to forget were they are and whinge and moan about the slightest thing, despite the rooms having four bulbs in, even if one bulb is blown they whinge that they need the other light, they seem to think that they should have 5 star accommodation.

Since I

Twat man then tries to get up and feels the raw egg on his butt which he thinks is something else, the other guy leaves to get dressed, Twat man then doesn’t speak to the group for about 2 days before we well him what we did.

Every now and again on the forum (ps.com), we get Walter Mitty types, there was this one guy on there, he spun everyone a yarn about how he was a Team Commander on SO19 (Police with guns in London), he even turned up at one of the socials, he made up this whole persona about how he was a crack Sgt in SO19 all before he was 26, didn’t take long for his cover to be blown.

There was another guy who told everyone he was in the Royal Military Police (RMP’s), now to look at him this looked highly unlikely, he looked like your stereotypical geek boy and he was built so well that he would prob blow over in a strong breeze, the thing that rumbled his cover was between a friend and I ask asked of made comments on the forum that if he was legit would have known, despite claiming to be a fully trained RMP he even asked on a site for Special Constables for advice on Military Law.

Me being the Macevelian type of guy I am sent him a message offering to meet up with him next time I was at the MoD in London, and out of interest asked him what unit he was in, turns out no one “in the know” had ever heard of the unit and shortly after my question he stopped using the forum, that was nearly a year ago, I cant understand how these twats think that they wont be found out.

Now being out here, I am really surprised that there has been anyone to go on the Jerry Springer show, most of the audience seems to be working out here, predominately for KBR. One base I was at we had all the convoy truckers, I could have sworn that most of the truckers were in the film Deliverance. There was one really obnoxious red neck, the I was working in the back of the billeting office out of site and the billeting officer was a lady from the Philippines, now in the camp there was a system assigning accommodation to the truckers in the order they arrived, otherwise they could sleep in their truck or a tent, now this red neck came in, was none to pleased to be talking to a TCN (Third Country National), demanded he be given a room as he was “An American Citizen” and as such shouldn’t have to sleep in a tent, after the billeting officer explained the situation to him he continued to demand a bed, having had enough I walk round and ask him nicely what the problem is, he repeats his demand, by this point he had pissed me off so I replied that as the lady had explained to him in ENGLISH what the policy was, he could either sleep in his cab or a tent, unless he thought he was better than the men and women in the military who fight for their country who have to sleep in tents and that if he didn’t start acting like an adult he would go to the bottom of the list permanently.

It is arrogant ass holes like him and Major Secret Service who get the American people a bad name, the number of good people I have met far out number the twats, but sadly its not the good people that make the news.

I logged on the ps.com a couple of days ago and found that despite having the same signature to my posts, (the police oath of office and two quotes from the Police Code of Conduct) one of the moderators decided to delete everything in my signature that referred to standards in policing, the ignorant git didn’t even have the balls to contact me first, just did it and then sent me a message “I hope you don’t mind”. They will be calling each other comrade soon instead of constable.

I was driving around the camp yesterday when I saw something truly shocking. I actually saw Iraqi’s actually acting like soldiers. Now in an effort to include all the different groups in the military they have decided to have a Sunni only intake, now I have some reservations about this as it just reinforces the differences, now whilst all the Shia and Kurds on base are having their air conditions removed and replaced with fans whilst the Sunni recruits are getting new air conditioning units., this is definitely a recipe for disaster.

Now since the Sunni recruits have started their basic training (boot camp for my Colonial readers), they are not allowed to go anywhere on base (Mess hall or classes)unless they march in formation and escorted by an NCO at all times, they have all had their hair cut and are keeping their uniform clean and tidy, meanwhile all the units that were on base before them look like a sack of shit and continue to shit and screw everywhere, even if the toilet is blocked they still continue to shit in the toilet.