24 October 2006

The Empire Strikes Back

As many of my readers will remember there was a "difference of opinion" between me and the Host of ps.com

A result of which was the demise of Dogs of Blackpool, whilst I was on that forum, I was a qualified Defensive Tactics Instructor, as well as a Psychiatric Nurse, I used this experience an posted scenarios and offered my personal views. As a result of which several members nominated me to become a PS.com expert, however due to the fact that I was not a crony I got an email saying I had not demonstrated any expertise.

Despite this I sent them a couple of reference files I wrote in the hope of them benefiting other members. These were then placed in the reference section, the only problem with this, is that to access them you had to pay the fee, which wasn’t my aim, when I also posted the same file in the public part of the forum the post was removed.

Anyway back to present, as I am no longer on there, another member recently made me aware that despite my being banned they still had my work on the there and were still charging a fee for people to have access to it. I emailed the host explaining that as the works were copyrighted they no longer had my permission to host them.

The response I got demonstrated the level of maturity on the forum in that there is a toddler mentality of its my ball and you cant play. The response was:

Deleted with pleasure. They weren't up to our standards anyway

Now if they were not up to their standards, why were the files placed on there, by him around a year ago and keep them on there and charging people between £10-£50 to read them depending on the type of membership.


Anonymous MJP said...

I was thinking about writing a couple of legal guides for that site, back before I was banned from commenting there, but was likewise detered by the fact the site owner would have moved them into a section only paying subscribers could read.

Perhaps the best option would be for one of the other police forums to set up a information/guidance section and publish materials the authors have released under a GNU licence.

I'm happy to make materials I have written available where I am recognised as the author and where people are permitted to copy and distribute verbatim copies but not to change it if they are hosting it publically or to sell it/charge for access to it.

Another alternative would be to establish a police wikipedia site for training/guidance documentation, thou it would need a minor degree of moderation to remove mass deletes/trolling anti police material from anarchists etc.

With specific regards to that site you mention, I particularly dont like the way that sites owner is making profit from other peoples work, and relying on peoples time and effort, who have donated guides freely for others to benefit from.

Anonymous A Realist said...

I saw some of your files in the reference library and they come across as 100% accurate.

I think you have to realise that some people in the police are immature, especially the southern forces where most of their energies go on heated debates rather than actual police work...namely because outside of the met and city of london police, there isn't much police work at all.

Lord Vader would be one of these police officers who probably hands in a crime report once a month, the rest of his time is spent drinking tea in the refs room or posting snide comments to you on the forum.

Ignore the plonker, long live your blogs!

Anonymous DisgruntledPScommer said...

As has been said, your guides were spot on. I wont be suprised if they reappear in weeks to come as one of LV's "new" guides


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