05 August 2006

Response to a Comment

As I said at the very beginning even if a comment was made that is different to my point of view and relevant then I would post it.

Fernando has left a new comment on your post "Response to a Comment from a moderator":

"If there is nothing wrong with the site, then why have so many people posted comments on here?"

Why are so many people that bothered that a moderated forum is censored? That's like going to McDonalds and moaning they sell fast food.

As to the "secret reports" the blogger keeps referring to, if they're secret how does he know about them?
I haven't seen anything on the specials site about this blog so, presumably, they're keeping a dignified silence. Here there are random accusations without any supporting evidence.

I hate to say it but I'm leaning towards this being a case of, at the very least, both parties being as bad as each other and it's teetering in to believing the only sour grapes are from outside the specials thing.

For what ever reason Fernando you either seem to have deliberately missed the point of chosen to ignore what people have been saying. The people on here including me who have complained about the censoring, we all agreed to join the forum according to the rules supplied, however we did not agree to our comments being edited to say something different or deliberately twisted out of context. There are three main complaints that people have 1: The double standards in the moderating, when you have forum members who are slammed for what ever reason and then you see a moderator doing exactly the same then of course this is going to annoy people. 2: In our police career we are held to account for our actions, it is with this principle in mind that has annoyed so many people with the complete contradiction of everything a police officer stands for in the way a site that clearly identifies it self as police related. 3: The complete lack of will to discuss any problems, if anyone on this blog has disagreed with me I have still posted their comment and replied to it, because I am man enough to accept that people dont think the same. To quote LV in a PM he has sent and:

“you could try listening to other people's points of view and be a bit more grown up about the fact that not everyone agrees with you”

Pity they cant take their own advice.

As for the reports, over time a number of moderators have mentioned this and there has been proof in that a number of forces PSD's have received unsolicited reports from PS.com. Have you missed the point that some many people have posted anaom comments for fear of their PSD receiving a report.

Please take the time to think before you post. Any thread on the forum has always been hastily closed of deleted, on the rare occasion the host asked for views, every single issue raised was dismissed.

The people who have listed incidents are not random, they are all people who had a difference of opinion to the "approved" one.

When things could potentially lead to disciplinary action do you really think people are going to post the evidence on here.

As for the sour grapes, if the standards are applied impartially to everyone including the moderators then people wouldn’t have a problem, they are not above anyone else, it is even worse when these people are supposed to be police officers. If you would like to discuss this one on one rather than waste space on here, feel free to email me at the address at the top.


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