11 July 2006

To answer a question

I was sent a comment on the censorship entry which said:

Fernando said...

No idea what all this ps.com stuff is about but one thing I couldn't help noticing.
You talk about the censorship on there as a bad thing but have the blog comments on here set so they need to be approved. How do you reconcile that, and how do we know how many negative comments you've been getting?

The reason that it is set so that I have to approve it, is to stop the blog getting bombarded with spam as reccomended by the site. I will publicly state that if anyone has a differnt view and wishes to express it in a grown up manner withouht refering to names, profanity and is in accordance with the Law then I am more than willing to approve it. If the person does havea differnt view to mine that is fine, after all I took an oath to protect that right, but they should at least back up why they think I am wrong. So feel free to post any mature comments.

Hope that clears that up.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know the blog host well and know that he would not hesitate to have a comment put up which is a dig/go at him.

Why is this? Because he is adult and will simply put an argument back - something many people cant do - especially certain ps.com members!

Besides, I dont think he wants his blog to have comments advertising viagra and web cam girls

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let there be no doubt - there are MANY MANY people unhappy at the moderation at PS.com.

The fact is it is a private run site which means if you dare to disagree you WILL be banned. That is why so many choose to stay quiet - which is wrong.

I would hope Vader reads these comments and seriously considers how he treats people who butter his bread - yes - because the money he makes allows him the lifestyle he lives.

It is a matter of time before it self destructs otherwise.

Respect people like you should or it will come back and bite you.

Your choice vader. You can choose to laugh in the knowledge that it is YOUR site and anyone disagreeing will be banned, or you can admit that yes, you have been too harsh on some people because your own views stood in the way.

Either way - everyone now knows that there have been people banned because you do not like them - so be a man, grow up and have some respect.

You are not above ANYONE.

I would think your force would be reading this with great interest.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have no idea who or what ps.com is, have been directed there by an angry client. I was then directed to this blog which saddens me. This ps.com has indeed taken many citizens for a financial and emotional ‘ride. All in the name of policing!

re the monies paid to ps.com acting as an information and contact point for the special police force.
On the page : http://www.policespecials.com/site/faq.htm
It is stated:

Who pays for this site?

I pay all the fees such as web hosting. If you like the site and want to help, support our advertisers, or you can make an online donation (thanks!).

One assumes ‘I’ is the person known as Lord Vader. One also begs to ask what the fee for power user is for?

Power Users are promised:

If you are then subsequently banned or leave in disgust you no longer have access to these ‘resources’ therefore should be entitled to a full refund.

Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982

One beggers the question of where all this power user and lifetime power user money is going?

And if tax is declared on it.

While perusing the site I noted that the site has 5,944 registered members, even if only 10% of these have paid as power users that would bring us to: £17,000.

Make that 20% and we are touching on £34K !

Where IS all this money going to? One can host a site of that size and traffic for a mere £30 per annum. But as stated by the ‘I’ whom we presume to be the forum owner, HE pays all the hosting fees.

Then we have to query how much Lord Vader makes on donations.

I would be very interested to know if anyone has reported this website and this individual to Professional Standards and indeed Trading Standards.

I have noticed throughout this blog that individuals are still waiting for fees refunded. This Lord Vader has NO right to withhold your money. Please ask for it back.

Lastly, may I bring everyones attention to the following:


1. Conduct of Discussion
1. Messages posted on the Forum must not be:
1. Malicious
2. Offensive
2. The use of swear words or any undue profanity is prohibited.
3. Members must not post anything that is, or could reasonably be interpreted as:
1. Abusive
2. Vulgar
3. Defamatory
4. Hateful
5. Seditious
6. Blasphemous
7. Sexually-oriented
4. Members must not post anything that, if it were posted, would:
1. Contravene any law of the United Kingdom
2. Expose the Host or the website to liability, be it civil or criminal or both
5. Members must not
1. Make reference to the personality of another person
2. Attack another person’s character
unless the person in question has already brought his or her personality into the issue under discussion.
6. Members must not engage in one-to-one arguments, disagreements or disputes of a personal nature.

Ironic isn’t it that most of the ‘staff’ seem to habitually break those rules?

Anonymous Fernando said...

Supply of Goods and Services Act won't apply;

No goods are involved and how do you prove the services were, or were not provided;

with reasonable care and skill.
in a reasonable time, if you haven't specified a completion date.
for a reasonable price, if this hasn't been agreed in advance.

Legally they're not entitled to a penny, especially if they've lost the service by breaking the sites rules.

Anonymous said...
"The fact is it is a private run site which means if you dare to disagree you WILL be banned."
Sounds reasonable to me.


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