22 May 2006

Absent friends

Well I enjoyed my time in New Hampshire and Taxacuettes as its called. A couple of years ago it was common knowledge that I was one of if not the only Defensive Tactics Instructor on ps.com as well as a Psychiatric Nurse, so a couple of people nominated me as an expert in these areas, however as I was already out of favour Lord Vader declared that it would be inappropriate as I had demonstrated no expertise in my posts. Instead he appointed someone an “expert” on first aid who was nothing more than a basic first aider and an expert of police vehicles because someone spent their spare time taking pictures of police vehicles.

Anyway despite their lack of confidence I travel to the States a couple of times a year to demonstrate my expertise with different Law Enforcement organisations over there, as well as to teach the Americans how to drink. Their hospitality never ceases to amaze me, every time I go there I always end up coming back with hats, patches and t-shirts, so to the Colonial Tony thank you very much mate.

It finally sank in how much I am missing some of the people from Iraq. It still takes some getting used to not having them around, to be honest it’s a bit uncomfortable.

I was chatting to one of the Interpreters on MSN a few days ago he is a laugh and one of the good ones as he would translate word for word rather than editing it. It seems that things have not got any better.

It seems the Americans are going to reap the hardships they have caused. They dismissed a company on base who did all the life support stuff, such as catering, sanitation and maintenance as the Americans had decided to give the job over to an Iraqi company, they realised what a screwed up decision this is going to be and began to beg the company to stay, after agree for 2 more weeks they are going to pull out, but the Americans now realise to late the consequences for screwing people over. They truly deserve the situation they have created.

It has been a few weeks since I left Iraq but it stills get uncomfortable sometimes when my work mates are not around, when you spend so much time working and living next to each other you come to depend on people, especially when you life is in danger.

From Maj Bum mothering us so that we have to hide to have a cigarette to the friendly ribbing with the time honoured debate of which is better Rugby or American football.

My friends in the UK have been extremely supportive included some linked to this blog, will be a good chance to meet up with them for an “out crowd social”. I cant see myself ever going to a social event with the people from policespecials.com.


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