28 March 2006

The backward side of policing in the UK

The first week of Jan was pretty hectic this year, on New Years Eve, the Jundie being such a well disciplined military organisation break the glass in the door to the dining hall after rattling the door because they dont want to wait for the dining room to be opened, then on new years day a fight breaks out and one of the Iraqi MP's (that’s a joke in its self) decided to fire an AK47 in the air to instil order, instead makes all the civilian staff panic, call goes out over the net shots fired, net result, every US Military person on site turns up in full battle year, Humvees mounted with 50 Cal machine gun expecting a mutiny.

Then we have the booze black market, some Iraqi's try and smuggle 70 bottles of scotch on the base.

To take my mind off of the constant shagging between the Iraqis, Soldiers and Officers, the stealing, piles of shit everywhere, I go onto the forum, when I first joined ps.com he was a good place to be, exchange ideas about policing, experiences and chat to different people, now however the Political Correct Wind that is prevailing over the UK has infested the site, most of the mods strictly enforce a politically correct left wing agenda, they bully and ridicule anyone who dares to think differently, they put one person on moderated posts indefinitely, when challenged about this atmosphere the site host says "Its my forum, I can run it how I like", despite receiving £100's in subscription fees, they make personal digs at people, spin comments out of context to make people appear in a negative light and these are the people who uphold the law.

There was a thread on there about Avon & Somerset Police, in an effort to make their force more representative and to meet quota's the Government have set, they deliberately deselected several white male candidates from joining the police force, having researched this I said that it was illegal, all the hippy liberals said they were doing nothing wrong and just trying to rectify a wrong, either these people are completely stupid or just arguing with me because its me, but they refused to accept they were wrong, even after the views of the CRE were published. Low and behold the force eventually admitted they acted illegally and made an out of court settlement, all those who were screaming and shouting how wonderful the idea was all shut up and crept back under their stone, one person even had the nerve to say that the 2 year probation period for regular police officers should be curt for minority recruits and they should be given preferential treatment when applying to specialist posts of those who may be more qualified as there isn’t enough minority recruits in specials posts.

This type of behaviour has now became indicative of the police service in the UK, rather than good old fashioned values of fairness, integrity and common sense, you get s small minority of people, often white middle class, enforcing their values on everyone else.

Nearly had a heart attack couple of days ago nearly had a haert attack, I was racing across a bridge that snipers like to hit targets on, as I crossed teh first bridge all of a sudden saw a bloke standing in the middle of the road waving a white flag, nearly caked myself, then on another occasion told it was ok to cross the bridge when the two humvees infront of me opened fire.


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