27 March 2006

My eyes are opened even more

Well life was pretty interesting at my first camp, I really got the grasp with the fact that the Iraqi soldiers have no comprehension of what an effective military unit is, I then got sent up to Tikrit, joy of joys got to go by road, only problem is driving in full ballistic armour in an un air-conditioned vehicle is a real bitch, especially as it was shortly after the insurgents got their hands on a load of Iraqi Police Uniforms and set up a false roadblock and opened up fire on a passing security convoy.

After getting ditched at the base at Tikrit, did my thing, then when I contacted my boss to see about transport back to Baghdad got ignored for a few days then when I contacted his boss, got told by mine that I must remember that I am in Iraq and not London and that security are not a taxi service, gee I would never have guessed.

The sun is great during the day, but there are small sand storms in the evening, am still waiting to hear when I am going back to my own Camp.

One thing I have come to realize since being out here, and before people get on their Anti Iraqi war soap box, this was happening long before the Coalition came here, is the squalor that some of these people live in, at the Camp I am based at one of the workers was Tortured by Saddam's regime because he did not want to join the Army, he still has the visible scares. Does he go on about it no, he is one of the hardest workers I know and every morning he greets me with a smile when I see him.

When I am working with people like that it makes some of the arguments that go on the forum (www.policespecials.com) and in general back home seem quite pathetic really.

I was well aware of the type of things that I would be exposed to coming out here, but seeing it face to face gives you a whole new perspective on life and make some of the issues we have back home seem petty.

I know there are many people who are against Britain sending troops here or the whole Second Iraq War, but folks reality check, it is easy to make comment when you are sitting in a nice and safe house, with heating, plumbing and running water and a kitchen full of food. Many of the bases over here have used existing Military Bases and the Palaces Saddam had, the difference in the accommodation and luxury is astounding, I don’t seem to see the Anti War Campaigners showing what life was like before Saddam was toppled or tell you about things the brave people were subjected to.

I fully respect their right to believe in what they want, but next time they start condemning the Military or Governments they should do some research.

We all know the Intelligence used by both HMG and USG to justify the war with regards to WMD was erroneous, we needed to do it, we were just told the wrong reasons.

Well last night was the last BBQ or Briar as the South Africans say, at this Camp, spent the early part of the night arguing over who had the best rugby team.

Got steamed out of my head and started talking to some Hungarians soldiers who had been invited to the BBQ. Had a great laugh.

Worse things was getting woken up by the Air Raid Siren because of incoming Morta's, god did my head hurt.

Yesterday reached 43C today its about 45. During the summer it gets around 50 at some times.


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Keep up the good work Tactical, loving the blogs.


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