27 March 2006

The boring bit about me

Well, I have been about a bit and I don’t mean sex, have had a bit of a varied career to date, spent over 6 years as a Special in a County force, transferred out when the Area Officer/County Commandant became to anal retentive to cope, went out of their way to make things difficult, rather than encouraging specials to work with regular officers they wanted to control everything and get them to work with other specials.

Allot of the Specials including most of the supervisors were as useful as a chocolate fire guard, there was a couple of times when my supervisors said openly in front of probations "You know more than me so I will let you take the lead". All my time did in the county force was to show how useless specials supervision, what is needed is for more stringent appointment process for them, it should be knowledge based as well.

Cant say I had much faith in the Area Commander either, he was to concerned with figures rather than the morale of his officers, during my time on division I had 3 Area Commanders, the first was excellent, when he was Duty Superintendent, he would turn up on division in one of the sector offices and double crew with someone, he would also hold monthly meetings with officers to find out how they felt and ask if there was anything he could do as commander, his replacement stopped the meetings immediately and after he left the force having screwed up the division got the QPM, the next one was even worse.

After my time in the counties I went to a busy force which covered a large City Centre, didn’t last long there, got into a conflict with a mini Hitler, another Section Office who got their post knowing sod all about policing, the SO and one of their cronies beefed up an allegation about me, completely circumvented the law by having a time honoured specials tradition of an "Informal chat", following that was forced to resign, went to a solicitor after a bit of a battle and the threat of going public with a Judicial Review got a letter from them saying they had acted outside of the regulations but was not prepared to accept me back. From there I went to see how life was in Iraq.


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