28 March 2006

The side of policing the public dont see

Before I came out to Iraq I spent a year teaching at a Further Education College on a Public Services Course, the aim of the course was to prepare students for careers in the Military and Emergency Services, all the lecturers had to have had public service back grounds, on the whole it worked very well, however the person over seeing this knew sod all about the course or the organisations and was in fact a peace activist.

Just before the Coalition entered Iraq in 2003, there was talk of WMD, she got so upset that we advised her to stock up just in case, she then went out and stocked up her house with emergency supplies, we even put a Military Ration pack in her post tray for her, she fell for it…..

Any way at this college was the college bike, one of the other lectures was shagging one of our team, the bike was jealous of the rapport I had with the students. After I left the “County” force I stayed on the social committee of the bar at the nick, they asked me to remain on it after I left the force, a couple of the students who were of legal age came to the bar as well as many of them wanted to join the police. Anyway the college bike who by now had moved on to a police officer who was also working with the course made an allegation that I was a BNP supporter, the basis for this allegation was a module I was teaching, we looked at the 3 main parties and some of the smaller ones and examined how if in power they would effect the working of the public services. When we looked at the BNP (British Nation Party), I said that I can see how they (BNP) are playing on peoples concerns and gaining power. The bike made a written statement to the County Force, by now I had moved on to the other force and thus acquired a higher level of security clearance, now the Chocolate Fireguard Area Commander I mentioned earlier accepted this allegation, despite Special Branch saying they had no record of my alleged involvement, plus the fact I had worked with them before, so without even talking to me the Area Commander accepted all this, kicked me off the committee. When he invited to in finally to chat he said that as long as I did not attempt to find out who made the allegation he would not contact my new force, what a complete liar he turned out to be as he did just that, mind you the new forces actualy had the brains to dismiss the allergation as malicious.

Now about me, I am mixed race, My mother is half Serbian/ English, my father Half Maltese/Indian, my sister is half English/African, we are all born and Bred in England, and according to the BNP manifesto anyone who isn’t native born ( can trace their ancestors back a few generations) should be deported, whilst I was also in the county force I also worked with the Black Police Association. I paid my taxes to keep these type of people in their jobs.

Now during my time in the county force I had some really good times and some bad, I was the only Special Constable (volunteer) who had the competency to not only arrest people, but interview, charge and put before the court, something my all singing all dancing Area Officer and County Commandant couldn’t do, I had such a close working relationship with one team they put my name on the duties board as part of their shirt, even had my own cup with my call sign on. One particular Friday night, the big bosses had allowed the staff to get so bad that the shift that covered the town centre area of the division with all the pubs and clubs, consisted of one tutor, two probationer constables who had not long been independent and myself, in fact that was the shift on nights for quite a few weeks.


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