07 May 2006

Rose tinted glasses

I was shocked to see the news today on TV, with scenes of Basra after a UK Helicopter was downed over the city, whist this is sad in its self, what was absolutely disgusting was the cheering and celebration of the Iraqi's some waving debris in the air in celebration.

The main thing many people dont realise about people in Iraq, they are very inpatient, when the UK went in many Iraqi's celebrating as they were now free from Oppression as they were under Saddam because they were Shia and as long as the British did what they wanted ( The Shia) then they loved the British, but as soon the British begin to enforce laws against the Shia they turned against them.

Anyone remember the scenes last year of Iraqi crowd fire bombing British APC's and then the solider jumping from the burning vehicles, this was all caused because the corrupt Government and Police in Basra handed over two British Soldiers to an illegal Militia group, thankfully the Brigadier had the balls to send in troops to rescue our guys. How can you help a people who think the only way of sorting a problem is through violence.

A large part of the problems in Iraq are by their own making.

The main thing that pissed me off about this whole incident yesterday was the CNN website, on there they had a reporter who seemed to be completely stupid, he trivialised the circumstances that our troops have to work under, he gave the impression that it was quiet and far safer than the Area that US troops patrol. Anyone told this ass hole that the British are supposed to be allies, especially when we have lost so many troops due to negligence of the US Military. I made my comments made to CNN in an Email.

The reason the British have had different experiences is because of their different ROE, but have still lost brave men and women serving as part of the coalition. It is always going to piss me off when you have uneducated twats in the States who think they are the only ones on the planet.

Anyway rant over, as so many people have suggested I write a book based on my blog, so I have started, have even had one of the main newspapers in the UK express an interest.


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