02 April 2006

Is it worth it????

Is it worth it?????

I am in no doubt that the Coalition needed to get rid of that maniac, but the powers that be screwed up big with the stupid assumption the whole country would have a ticker tape parade, but having seen the standards and behaviour of the IAF at the bases I have been based, I can see this is going to be one screw up as soon as the coalition leave.

Back to the standards of the IAF, one of the towers on our camp is staffed by the IA, they are so good that one night they caused a major security scare across the whole camp, we heard massive gunfire, all the Coalition troops scrambled think they was a major attack on the camp only to find out that the IA had mistaken a cow for an insurgent.

It seems that the Coalition Powers that be seen to enjoy walking round in circles, there is a big drive to recruit Sunni’s into the Military to make it more representative of the population, at the moment to placate the Sunni’s who actually manage to pass the entry requirements they give in to every demand, whilst the Shia and Kurdish soldiers have to live without Air Conditioning, in stead only allow ceiling fans, to stop the Sunni recruits from leaving they give them Air Conditioners, I can just see the crap that is going to happen when the other soldiers find out.

A major thing all the Iraqis bitch about is the food, now that the West has given them the much flaunted right to complain, and complain they do about everything. Despite the portions being dictated and approved by Iraqi/Coalition the new Sunni recruits bitch that they don’t have enough food, so what do the US Senior Officers on base say, “Oh but this isn’t a normal boot camp, this is special”, my diplomatic response was “So what, this is still a military base, they should act like soldiers and accept what they are given.

All the staff here have their own call sign, it didn’t take long for me to be given the call sign “Bart” as in Bart Simpson, because our personalities are similar, it may have had something to do with the fact that during my chequered past, I tipped over a portable toilet at another camp when a twatty yank in it who had the nerve to claim the UK was a Third World Country, the guy was taking a dump at the time and the portable toilet hadn’t been emptied that day.

The Egg trick was pretty good as well, at one training course I was on way back when I had no grey hair, there was this complete asshole on the course, no one liked him, one of the other people in the group was gay, so one night the class went out and got complete wasted, as it was a residential course we all staggered back to our rooms, mean while twat man was well wasted, after stripping collapsed on his bad, so Mr Evil (Me), managed to get a raw egg from the canteen, as twat man slept very heavy, so I broke the raw egg over his but and left. Next morning we got the gay guy to go in twats room in just his boxers to wake him up, got him to slowly wake up twat man, then when twat man was awake say “Hi, I really thought you didn’t like me, but am really glad we got together last night”.

Despite having a great deal of admiration for the US Marines who are out in the field, on base they are the biggest wingers after the Iraq soldiers, they seem to forget were they are and whinge and moan about the slightest thing, despite the rooms having four bulbs in, even if one bulb is blown they whinge that they need the other light, they seem to think that they should have 5 star accommodation.

Since I

Twat man then tries to get up and feels the raw egg on his butt which he thinks is something else, the other guy leaves to get dressed, Twat man then doesn’t speak to the group for about 2 days before we well him what we did.

Every now and again on the forum (ps.com), we get Walter Mitty types, there was this one guy on there, he spun everyone a yarn about how he was a Team Commander on SO19 (Police with guns in London), he even turned up at one of the socials, he made up this whole persona about how he was a crack Sgt in SO19 all before he was 26, didn’t take long for his cover to be blown.

There was another guy who told everyone he was in the Royal Military Police (RMP’s), now to look at him this looked highly unlikely, he looked like your stereotypical geek boy and he was built so well that he would prob blow over in a strong breeze, the thing that rumbled his cover was between a friend and I ask asked of made comments on the forum that if he was legit would have known, despite claiming to be a fully trained RMP he even asked on a site for Special Constables for advice on Military Law.

Me being the Macevelian type of guy I am sent him a message offering to meet up with him next time I was at the MoD in London, and out of interest asked him what unit he was in, turns out no one “in the know” had ever heard of the unit and shortly after my question he stopped using the forum, that was nearly a year ago, I cant understand how these twats think that they wont be found out.

Now being out here, I am really surprised that there has been anyone to go on the Jerry Springer show, most of the audience seems to be working out here, predominately for KBR. One base I was at we had all the convoy truckers, I could have sworn that most of the truckers were in the film Deliverance. There was one really obnoxious red neck, the I was working in the back of the billeting office out of site and the billeting officer was a lady from the Philippines, now in the camp there was a system assigning accommodation to the truckers in the order they arrived, otherwise they could sleep in their truck or a tent, now this red neck came in, was none to pleased to be talking to a TCN (Third Country National), demanded he be given a room as he was “An American Citizen” and as such shouldn’t have to sleep in a tent, after the billeting officer explained the situation to him he continued to demand a bed, having had enough I walk round and ask him nicely what the problem is, he repeats his demand, by this point he had pissed me off so I replied that as the lady had explained to him in ENGLISH what the policy was, he could either sleep in his cab or a tent, unless he thought he was better than the men and women in the military who fight for their country who have to sleep in tents and that if he didn’t start acting like an adult he would go to the bottom of the list permanently.

It is arrogant ass holes like him and Major Secret Service who get the American people a bad name, the number of good people I have met far out number the twats, but sadly its not the good people that make the news.

I logged on the ps.com a couple of days ago and found that despite having the same signature to my posts, (the police oath of office and two quotes from the Police Code of Conduct) one of the moderators decided to delete everything in my signature that referred to standards in policing, the ignorant git didn’t even have the balls to contact me first, just did it and then sent me a message “I hope you don’t mind”. They will be calling each other comrade soon instead of constable.

I was driving around the camp yesterday when I saw something truly shocking. I actually saw Iraqi’s actually acting like soldiers. Now in an effort to include all the different groups in the military they have decided to have a Sunni only intake, now I have some reservations about this as it just reinforces the differences, now whilst all the Shia and Kurds on base are having their air conditions removed and replaced with fans whilst the Sunni recruits are getting new air conditioning units., this is definitely a recipe for disaster.

Now since the Sunni recruits have started their basic training (boot camp for my Colonial readers), they are not allowed to go anywhere on base (Mess hall or classes)unless they march in formation and escorted by an NCO at all times, they have all had their hair cut and are keeping their uniform clean and tidy, meanwhile all the units that were on base before them look like a sack of shit and continue to shit and screw everywhere, even if the toilet is blocked they still continue to shit in the toilet.


Anonymous Vietnam said...

Fantastic blogging Tactical Thinking! The egg joke is a classic one! Seems like you earned that Bart nickname.

Stay safe from one soldier to another!


Blogger ExtraSpecialCopper said...

Loving the egg joke!!


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