10 July 2006


Well folks, seems like I have stirred a right hornets nest, 9 comments from my last post and over 100 hits in just over 24 hours.

It would seem that I am not alone in my experiences, but I digress, one my response has been prepared I will post it in full on here along with the email of complaint I received.

But to Sinbad, welcome and hope you find my rants on life interesting. I was not in the Military, I was a Civilian Contractor working with the Coalition, mostly with the Americans, but I did get some normality working with the British.

I take it from the bluntness of your post that you are a Squaddie, lol.

I have set up an email you can email me at tacticalthinking2006@yahoo.co.uk, I understand why people would post anonymously in light of some of the comments have been made, feel free to continue to post anonymously if you wish, just say hi via email.

Whilst all the comments so far have been one sided, I am more than willing to approve any comments as long as they are relevant, do not mention and real names or breach any Law. If you have a different point of view to me that’s fine, just back up your comments and they will be approved.


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