05 June 2006

The stupidity continues

Well what an interesting week in the news, there was an Anti Terror raid in London, during which one of the "suspects" was shot once. The reason for the raid was credible intelligence that the house was being used to manufacture a chemical device which would have a death count in the hundreds. Immediately after this there are mental retards claiming how it is all victimisation that two brothers have been attacked and were shot without warning, the two twats even had a dig at Tony Blair in the TV interview.

There still hasn’t been a press release yet, I think they have learnt from the last incident in that they need to get their facts right before opening their mouths. The solicitors for the two "suspects" have already started the bleeding hearts campaign about how hard done their innocent harmless clients are.

On the world stage the rank incompetence of some elements of the US forces was highlighted this week. It now appears that in Afghanistan our troops (The British) are potentially at risk from American weaponry (I dont mean so called friendly fire) but by armaments that the US troops have abandoned when they moved areas in Afghanistan. Thanks guys really appreciate it. It is monumental screw ups like this build the reputation, that and what has been called Iraq's My Lai

I just hope that "if" anyone is convicted in the incident at Haditha that the US Authorities seek the death sentence. If they want to regain any credibility on the World Stage they need to back up their rhetoric.

I still hear from mates back in Iraq who have to work with the standard of police and soldiers in Iraq. Wonder if the new PM can pull a miracle and sort it out, first job is to slap Basra into place and replace the corrupt officials.


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