11 July 2006

My Response to the Demands sent to me

When I went offline last night there was 949 hits on here and over night that has shot up to 1025. Please accept my appology for providing the wrong emaila ddress is should be tacticalthinking2006@yahoo.co.uk As I said I understand why people would want to post anonymously, but if you do please drop me an email at this address to say hi, unlike some this information will bot be provided to any 3rd party withouht your express permission.

Well today my loyal readers I announces the demise of “Dogs of Blackpool” from Policespecials.com. I have been banned for comments on this blog. Now you may ask why, well here is the notification I received:

Dear Rob,

My attention has been drawn to your blog, located at http://tactical-


I refer in particular to the following comments made in your entry of

15 May 2006:

1. You refer to me with the comment "delusions of grandeur? or

narcissistic personality disorder?)" .

2. You suggest that I am in some way less competent as a police

officer because of the way the PoliceSpecials.com forum is moderated.

I am prepared to overlook all the other comments where you have

vented your frustration with the moderation on PoliceSpecials.com,

because you are of course entitled to your view, and to publish it

wherever you like. However the comments about me I find personally

extremely offensive and potentially libelous.

Please remove these comments and publish an apology, within 7 days of

receipt of this email. If you are unwilling to do this then I will

be forced to consider legal action, because such comments are harmful

to me and to my business.

Finally, please take this as notice that you are hereby banned from

using the PoliceSpecials.com forum. Your user account 'Dogs of

Blackpool' has been blocked. Do not try to re-register under a

different name. I have taken this action because your views about

the moderation, and your comments about me on your blog, are clearly

in conflict with our wish to keep the PoliceSpecials.com forum a well

run, well moderated forum.

I look forward to your reply.

Now despite paying a subscription fee for a service in accordance with their published conditions I have been banned for comments which were not even on the forum.

Now to answer these points in turn.

Point one,

The statement does not refer to a specific person, no one is named, it was a rhetorical question posed to the readers, you have chosen to apply the comments to yourself, which is of course your right, however the comments could equally apply to my posts as well, it is your choice to apply them to you.

As for the comments about your suitability as a police officer, if you perform your duties diligently in accordance with the Law, oath of office and codes of practice then there should be no problem.

The comment was not aimed at you, but the people who engaged in the practice of disregarding the vital elements of the standards the police are supposed to abide by and a vital piece of UK Legislation. You have stated publicly on the forum that a police officer can not have an off duty and on duty opinion and they are one and the same as well as calling in to question other people ability to be police officers when they have not agreed with certain points of view on the forum, if you feel this refers to you then again that is your right, but my comments were based on the behaviour exhibited by several people rather than a specific person.

Now according to the police oath and code of practice (which was deleted from my signature by a moderator) they strive to foster a climate of treating people fairly and impartially. This is hardly the case when you are told that regardless of the fact you may be right, the Moderator is always right. Is it fair when a persons posts are censored purely because they have a difference of opinion, when one moderator approves a post to then have another arbitrarily remove it, seems to be contradictory to the principles of fairness and impartiality. Despite repeated comments that this is unfair by several prominent members/forum users this behaviour is allowed to happen and is condoned.

Fact is the forum is just that, its not a cherished institution of the Police Service, in fact it is now something that many officers have been advised to avoid by their supervisors, because comments are edited and spun out of context to make the author appear in a bad light. For the exact reason that as you know I save copies of the posts I make and pm’s I receive to substantiate the comments I have made about treatment and moderation on the forum.

However to the moderator who has printed a copy of my blog, if you have chosen to take offence at a rhetorical question and feel that it applies to your conduct, then for that I appologise on your behalf.

There have been countless cases when you have been contacted by other members and myself with concerns with regards to comments and in some cases bullying they have encountered on the forum when they are sent pm’s threatening action based on their legally held views. You were contacted as the host in the hope that the ideals of the code of practice and Oath of Office would be applied, however this was not the case, in fact the person raising the concern has on occasions been blamed by you for causing the whole incident.

There was a thread with over 13 pages of comments made my forum members many of them paying members who made legitimate comments about the unfair treatment they have suffered by your chosen moderators, the response was for the entire thread to be swept under the carpet.

Now I have never known a Police Constable to refer to the Service as their “business”, rather an interesting choice of words, to which legitmate disclosed and officaly sanctiond business interest are you referring to?

To use a quote of yours from a pm you sent me:

“you could try listening to other people's points of view and be a bit more grown up about the fact that not everyone agrees with you”.

Rather than blocking people, censoring their legitimate views, tracing their ISP’s and reporting people to their forces.

As for the demand of a retraction, whilst public opinion and criticism may be censored on ps.cpm on the standards of moderation and behaviour, that same censoring policy does not reach here.

What now my loyal readers may ask, well thanks to the benefit of saving pages the appropriate Statutory Organisations and Police Forces will be notified.


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