13 July 2006

An interesting point.

Fernando said...

Supply of Goods and Services Act won't apply;

No goods are involved and how do you prove the services were, or were not provided;

with reasonable care and skill.
in a reasonable time, if you haven't specified a completion date.
for a reasonable price, if this hasn't been agreed in advance.

Legally they're not entitled to a penny, especially if they've lost the service by breaking the sites rules.

Anonymous said...
"The fact is it is a private run site which means if you dare to disagree you WILL be banned."
Sounds reasonable to me.

Fernando, I am not sure if you even know ps.com, but allow me to explain, there is freely available a list of rules which could be interpreted as terms and conditions. When pay either £12 for a years of £50 for lifetime membership, the site owner LV agrees to provide you with services which are freely listed on the site. These services are not available to people unless you pay the subrictoption.

No one is questioning the practice of people being banned for breaking the rules, thats fine, what other people and I object to is being banned for having a view that is different to that of the moderators.

Moderators are allowed to breach their own rules by making personal attacks on people and attack their charcter, a favourite activity of some moderators is that when a thread is locked they continue to post messages goading people knowing they cant respond.

I am not a Civil Law Buff so dont know about the Supply of Services and Goods Act, but by providing the site owner with a fee, they agree to provide you with services in accordance with their "T&C's", you can not then change the goal posts because it suits you.

Another interesting point that has been made is the financial side of all this and the revenue that is going in.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The sad side of human behaviour:

Wow!!! its so bloody refressing to see someone who will say their point of view without being worrierd of being labeled.

A Breeze of fresh air! and i'm sure their are plenty more who think the same :o)

Take care


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