16 July 2006

An interesting quote

I was browsing "that place" when I saw an interesting quote by one of the Moderators who is a serving regular officer.

Now before I show you the quote, you all know of the problems suffered by people for expressing their views on there, and that we have been lectured repeatedly that Police Officers can not have an on duty and off duty opinion, so if a person shows such disregard for the ideals behind their oath, code of practice, the HRA & ECHR, then what regard is shown when whilst on duty.

I'm afraid you don't have a freedom of speech on this forum, it's a commerical concern. As moderators we have a responsibility to keep the forum 'tidy' and repeated threads on the same topic are contrary to this.

So straight from the horses mouth so to speak, a commercial concern run by police officers, using official insignia. Will be interesting to read the response from the FOIA Request when it comes back.

For all those people who have read this thread and thought people were making it up about the lack of free speech I hope this comment validates what we have all been saying.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

what thread was that in?

Blogger Tactical Thinking said...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh dear. It seems there is a weak link in the chain of command.

Whilst all the while "Lord Vader" has been using official Police Images and logos to line his own pockets.

He is the ONLY person that makes money - no one else. The Moderators are unpaid volunteers.

For that reason they will be immune from any prosecution.

Vader however has a lot to answer for.

For me, and everyone else banned recently, justice will be served and our reputation restored.

Anonymous Fernando said...

I hope I'm not turning into the blog bore but surely context is everything?

Out of context what he (she?) has said is very wrong, but look at it in the context of the whole thread you linked to then I can see what they're trying to say; to paraphrase "Freedom of speech does not mean open as many threads as you like".

I'm still no clearer on if you have a legitimate complaint or not (and I'm not going to go through the whole site as you can imagine), but this example is a bit tenuous. Sorry.

Blogger Tactical Thinking said...


Thank you for your comment, you seemd to have missed a moutain of a point. Whils the thread in particular was a repeated thread, the point I made, which is quite clear is that a Moderator has stated that "Free Speech" does not exist, something many of the comments on this blog can tell you.

The context the comment was made was that Free Speech does not exist on teh forum, the problem many have with this is that how can a group of serving police officers show such disregard for a fundermental part of their job. They have said repeatedly that you cant have an off duty and on duty opinion, ergo they should apply the same rules and standards they apply whilst on duty when off duty.

There are many many threads on the forum were people have been smallemd, blocked, or put on moderated posts for no other reason than to have a different opinion.

If you dont beleive what I am the many people have commented on here say, why dont you take the time to check the forum, it wont be hard to find the threads.

Anonymous Lord Vader said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Anonymous Sal Diah Oeiki said...


SPG? Surrey Police Group?

I think Savage is definately the sort of person we're thinking about here. Pretends to be PC in training situations but when it comes to the day to day business of community liason is an utter shite... eg Mr Oldam. Hates fellow officers, happy to see someone fried for speaking their mind but when it boils down to it, an utter biggot. It doesnt matter how many he bans from his site, he's widly known and widely loathed by rank and file and not too few senior ranks are aware of him. As someone else said on your site, has a face like a slapped arse. And has an attitude to boot. As soon as the current government is voted out, the sort of person that is made to resign.

Anonymous Pepe said...

Someone brought this latest entry to my attention. I recieved a spam from that web site today saying that specific areas on the web forum were now only available to paying members... the most popular areas! He's clearly doing this purely for profit and not for any other reason. The man is an utter cad and needs to be exposed.

Anonymous carlos 999 said...

The "Lord Vader said... " comment should be removed. Even thought he guy is manifestly a jackass, this was clealy not him and undermines the credibility of the rest of the comments on the blog.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

For someone who doesn't like the site, the moderators or the host, you seem to spend a lot of time on there, digging for information and then ranting about it on here.

There is nothing wrong with the site, it has plenty of members and plenty of posts each day. There are other Police sites to be used if people don't like this one.

I'm sure you were impressed with the hits you had on your website at the start, but I'm sure that will soon die down once they all get bored of your rants.

Good luck with you legal proceedings, would love to see how far you actualy get

Maybe this post will appear, maybe it won't
All the best


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