29 July 2006


I appologise my loyal readers. Have been pretty busy with work. Well what has happened.... Following on from a comment on here it seems somehow my power user membership was taken twice and it wasnt until last week when I asked for a full refund was this notices, quite shocking when it was back in March that this money was taken. For all those people who have been banned whilst not breaking any of the published rules, get in touch and demand a refund, I did and I not only got the legit fee back but also a second one that had been "missed", good to know the accounting is so tight.

As some of you may know that the Real World has now been made accessable to Power Users, way back when it was actualy my idea to start the area, there were some mods at the time who were against it as they said it was a Police Site so should only have police stuff on it, if that is the case why have the Locker Room or Market Place, but in a very rare show of acceptence of others views the Real World was created and as I was told in a recent email as it has become one of the most popular it has now been moved and made accessable to Power Users only, the same as the reference Libary, it was for that reason that I deleted the reference files that I put in the Libary as I was not going t0 be used to drum up business.

This latest ploy is just a means to drum up more business, sad thing is, I can see it dying off, the Real World was a good place to have mature discussions, although the same old moderator would crawl out from under his stone every now and again and make a belitteling comment. On a side not I have been informed that there is also a "private" moderator area on the forum that has an AtoZ of members and also a thread "Ones to Watch", both these threads are in breach of his own Data Protection Statement which states that the only information that he will store will be the information that the user provides on joining. On the Libel Front, after my response has been posted on here there has been no further progress as of yet, I have my suspicions as to who his Legal Advice was that worded the letter for him.

I know of a FOI reqest that has been sent to Surrey, it will be interesting what comes back, because as has been stated on here if Surrey have allowed Police time to be used in any way for the running/maintainence of the site the HRA applies making the relevent people liable of any breaches of that Act.

If anyone wants to contact me about anything on this blog or to share views/experiences they do not want published on here, plese use the email address at the top of the blog.

Live Long and Prosper..


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent been awaiting an update for a while!! Would be interesting to see what stuff is in this moderators only area!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Probably lots of discussion of how to fleece more money out of people.
PS.com is a joke now.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

notice how people are remianing anonymous on here for "Fear" of being banned on ps.com! I am!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

and I am


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