02 August 2006

Meanwhile back in the real World

Well it seems the world is going to hell in a hand basket, we have the rumblings of WW3 starting out in the Middle East.

Whilst no one in their right mind can say Israel does not have the right to protect its self or that they had been subjected to years of terrorist attack, but lets be realistic they are hardly innocent themselves, lets not forget the Israeli terrorist attack on the hotel back in the days when the British were in Palestine.

They have deliberately targeted Red Cross convoys and ambulances, UN civilian Workers and troops and now Qana, why is it that if it was any other country who had done this the world would be united in screaming War Crimes, but it seems Israel can do what they like, they have shown time and again that they have no regard for international Law unless it is to their advantage. As for the road map, it clearly calls for no new settlements, but the government still allowed more.

Rather than making themselves safer they have done far more to damage World peace than anyone, as long with the leaders of the US & UK the three have done far more for the recruiting of the terrorist groups, and is it that will suffer?? Not the politicians, but innocent civilians.

Syria and Iran are close to being pulled into this conflict, I dred to think what will happen if they do. We all know Israel already has Nukes, along with Syria having the WMD's from Iraq that Saddam managed to get out before the Coalition moved in and Iran who are doing everything they can to form a weapons programme, it seems that many of the people giving the press conferences have missed this point, not to mention the last time Israel took the law into their own hands OPEC shut down the West by doing a fuel Embargo, can just see that happening again.

As for life in the UK, the fluffy do gooders are at it again, now in their infinite wisdom they are saying that women’s prisons should be closed, what planet are these hippies on?

For my British readers you will all know the National Lottery or the Lotto, they have developed a reputation for giving loads of money for off the wall causes that support various small groups in society. It seems the department that runs decides the good causes have a political agenda as they refuse request from the main stream society. They turned down a request from either Mountain Rescue or the RNLI because they didn’t rescue enough people from minority groups.

they have already refused a request to help with funding for a house in the Falklands that veterans could stay at when commemorating their fallen colleagues. It seems the only way to get anything in the UK is to belong to a special group who just seem to try and outdo each other as to who is the most persecuted.


Blogger Darktrial said...

I think it's important to realise that the Media are government controlled to a certain extent. They tend to leave or exeggerate bits to form a story, as is the case in any avenue of media publications regardless of country and irrespective of language.

In short, the media never tell the complete truth and it's not suprising they aren't fully open about Israel's past.

I think it's a hard one to call for either side, but in the end Hezbollah should be eradicated completely. They serve no purpose and are parasites of the Islamic faith. Parasites who aim to turn decent followers of Islam into brainwashed terrorists to cause havock.

Israel does however seem to get away with murder, pardon the pun. I'm not sure why but the US always tend to shun any bad words against Israel.

Perhaps this is due to their own agenda this time?

Whatever the case, it's very valid that what we know and what's actually happening are going to be either very or slightly different events.

I'm sure you know that anyway with your time in Iraq.

Let us hope peace will be restored soon.


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