22 October 2006

When will the stupidity stop

I saw in the News a few days ago that one force has actualy sent a memo out advising officers to be sensitive during ramadan as a ""request for sensitivity".

One has to question what planet theses people are, are they going to show the same sensitivity for Jews, Christians, Hindi or Sikh, I bet they wont. This is nothing but Political Correctness, as was said when the officer in the DPG didnt want to police the Isreali Embassy, all the critics said officers can not pick and choose as they have to police and enforce the law equaly, so why does this force think the oath doesnt apply to them.

I can not see how any competant or dedicated officer can agree with this email, when you have people making comments such as:

May I remind you that we have a duty to ensure that arrests are necessary, proportionate and justifiable. If for reasons of religous tolerence and respect for diversity an arrest can be delayed for a short while, I can see no reason not to do so.

In all my years of service we never shirked away from our duty. This is yet another act of appeasment. The policy y this force is further ridiculed by sections of the Muslim Community.

But Mohammed Shafiq, from the Ramadhan Foundation, said: "It's stupid, lunacy, that police could even consider not arresting Muslims during Ramadan."
He went on to say:
"Greater Manchester Police have a history of policing the Muslim community with great sensitivity and understanding. That this idea was even thought of is shocking.

"I don't know where they get these ideas from and I'm glad an officer was clearly angry enough to leak the memo.

"Police shouldn't hesitate to arrest any Muslims they had planned to during Ramadan. We must all be equal under the law.

"If people think Muslims are immune from the law, it will only stir up tensions within the community."

At times I realy dispare about the UK.


Blogger GMP said...

This issue has generated a lot of debate, but unfortunately much of it has been as a result of misinformation which has appeared in the media.

To clarify the actual situation, officers were never instructed not to make arrests. The month of Ramadan is an important time of the year for members of the Muslim community throughout the world. Officers were asked to be aware that this important religious festival is taking place and to ensure that they remain professional and respectful to member of the community when going about their duties.

This was unfortunately misinterpreted by some people, including certain elements of the media, which has resulted in some misunderstanding of the position. The primary objective of Greater Manchester Police is to fight crime and protect people and we will aim to continue to do so for all the people we serve, whatever their background.


GMP Press Office



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