08 October 2006

Sorry for the delay

Well its been a while since I updated my blog, so what’s been happening, we’ll I have finally returned to the UK from the Middle East.

I still hear from friends still out in Iraq. As we all expected when the civilian company left my last camp, all those who lived in the real world all said it would be a major fuck up and it has been. They were given a Multi Million Dollar Water treatment plant and managed to break it within 2 weeks, they ran out of clean water because they bust the plant and also ran out of fuel because the thieving sods stole it to sell on the black market. Rather than making sure that the new contractor was doing their job and enforcing standards, what did the base commander (Iraqi) do, took kick backs to give the contractor good reports.

There are a couple of things I want to talk about, now I know that the level of public support in the US for their Armed Forces is extremely high, sadly that is not the case in the UK, after putting their lives on the line for a screwed up operation that was poorly thought out by the top brass and politicians, the troops return to the UK to get screwed over. We have a law which prohibits employers from sacking TA (Reserve) members when called up, but the MoD don’t seem to give a damn that employers are flouting this. Whilst Blair is happy to have his wife spend £1000’s of tax payers money on a hair do, what does he do for the troops, overseas poorly planned operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, closes many of the Military Medical Units, sending military casualties to the NHS which is another organisation he and his government have crapped over. One poor PARA who was injured for President Blair was abused whilst he lay in his hospital bed unable to protect himself by some Muslim scum who accused him of murdering their brothers and sisters, what are the chances they wont end up in court. There was another incident which brought shame on the state of the UK, three officer are hounded out of a house they wanted to rent by yet more scum who broke windows and left graffiti, again what’s the betting its not given a high priority by the police.

I recently wrote to my MP who I am ashamed to say Is Labour and who I foolishly voted for once, asking her several questions and her points of view, as a voter I am obviously not worth replying to.

Yet another example of Blair’s treacherous treatment of the Arms Forces is the disgusting level of support given to the Military generally. In the UK we have by law a Minimum wage I think it is around £5.35 per hour, however in their wisdom the Government decided this should not apply to the Military who not only are putting their lives at risk with poor equipment, lack of equipment and poor leadership get paid around £2.50-£3.00 per hour and worse still are forced to pay tax and National Insurance whilst on combat operations. A 16 year old shelf stacker in Tesco is paid more.

Now for years people in the UK have been made out to feel as if they are bigoted/racist if they dared to question of discuss Islam, there have been countless cases in the media were the mainstream population have been marginalised in favour of the views and feelings of the Muslim Community. Despite an abundance evidence and the view of prominent public speakers the Government still fail to accept that Multi Culturalism has failed, how is it that every other group has managed to become part of the UK except the Muslim community, in my town there is a large Indian and Pakistani community, large polish community, all of these groups have managed to integrate whilst maintaining their cultural identity, why is it that they can do it without turning to criminals.

Now Jack Straw has got into the press by saying that when in his surgeries he asked women to remove their veils when talking to them, why the hell not, it doesn’t say anywhere in the Koran that a woman must wear a veil, in western culture it is normal to view a person eyes and facial expressions when talking to people, why must we bend over backwards to placate a group who want nothing to do with the culture or beliefs of the country in which they are in. What happens in banks, you are not allowed to go in there wearing a bike helmet so how come a certain section of the community are allowed, wonder how long it is going to be before someone dresses up in a veil and robs a bank.

Now for those readers outside of the UK, you may not have heard about a Muslim Officer who was part of the Diplomatic Protection Group, who are obviously responsible for guarding Embassies and politicians, now whilst I do not in anyway support the Actions of Israel in Lebanon, this officer who took the same oath as every other officer, decided that for welfare reasons he didn’t want to guard the Israeli Embassy until they had pulled out of Lebanon, showing the lack of back bone as would be expected his bosses agreed, they now cite the decision was made after a risk assessment. If he can not or will not perform the duties he took an oath to do then he should simple hand his warrant card back in and get a new job. During my time in the police I had to do several things which I didn’t feel comfortable doing, but I honoured the oath I took. It now seems that the very same officer has close links with a man of hate, Omar Mohammed, who fled the UK and is spouting his bile from Lebanon who thought the July bombers in London were heroes, not only that by this same man officiated at the officers wedding, so with such close links to this man, how did he ever managed to get the clearance to become a police officer, let along become a member of one of the most sensitive departments in the Police Service.

Some of you may know that HRH Prince William and Harry have joined the British Army, in fact they have joined a front line unit, despite everything Harry made a public statement that he wanted to stay with his unit, no matter were they were deployed as he felt he owed it to his men and threatened to resign if he wasn’t, it now seems that despite this some pen pusher sitting nice and safe back in Whitehall has decided that neither Will or Harry will be sent to Afghanistan were their units are supposed to go, it wouldn’t surprise me if this was a political decision, after all Princess Anne has just visited Helmed Province with her Husband, Wills and Harry are demanding to be posted to the front line at the same time as their units, what an embarrassment for the politicians who site safely back in London screwing over the people who’s lives they are risking. It is a well known fact that the Royal Family have far more credibility with the forces that the Politicians.

Oh by the way the email address to contact me is tacticalthinking2006@yahoo.co.uk


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Correct yourself as Public opinion towards our troops is High as ever , it's the PC / new age bunch who have a low opinion of the situation.

This country has a good back ground for supporting our boys and girls it's Minority you speak of.

Ex Army


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