09 August 2006

The sad side of human behaviour

Firstly to the gimp who posted the anti Semitic comment, crawl back under you stone!!!!!!

Now to the rest of my loyal readers, there are a number of things I would like to mention.

there have been a number of incidents in the UK involving the police, two of the incidents involve one force in particular.

the first incident is of a PCSO having a go at kids after some moany old git complained after the kids drew hop scotch squares on the ground to play, can I firstly say to the type of person who would complain GET A SODDING LIFE and the PCSO GROW A BACK BONE.

The second incident involved the same force, however this time involved police officers who arrested, detained, fingerprinted and DNA'd some kids after building a tree house, the Area Commander had said that they were destroying the tree.

Both these incidents remind me of one of the most annoying parts of being a police officer in the UK, the constant whingers you have to put up with.

We are at risk of demonising youths, many shops have banned customers from entering if they are wearing hoods, thankfully the Arch Bishop of York actually has a brain and had the guts to challenge the demonising of youths by deliberately wearing a hoody to a meeting.

I have lost count of the times I got called to "Youths causing a disturbance/Riot" I used to get so pissed off when people would exaggerate just to get a police response. Many cases the youths were doing sod all wrong. the Government are pandering to the wingers by blaming youths for anti Social Behaviour and endorsing the ban on hoodies.

The third incident with the police was the esteemed AC of the Met Mr Tarique Ghaffur, he believes law enforcement organisations are acting in a biased way against Muslims. The current PC way of thinking is that Muslims "Collective" can do no wrong and that to challenge this view is racist. I remember when Lord Condon I believe said that the majority of reported muggings in London was committed by Black Males, there was a huge out cry from the rose tinted brigade accusing his of racism, was it racist, NO IT WAS FACT, he made a statement based on information given to him by witnesses/victims, did he say all black males were muggers? NO.

I know large parts of the Muslim community in the UK are peaceful and law abiding, but it is the unwillingness of the authorities to deal with the Muslim community that is causing the problems, one leading in the Muslim community raised the lack of engagement by the authorities for the ongoing child abuse that occurs in some areas of the Muslim community as the authorities are afraid to do anything in case they are accused of being racist.

If the intelligence and previous incidents of suicide bombers in London had been white males, then I would expect white males to be the majority of people whoa re searched, same as if the bombers had been oriental then I would expect the majority of Anti Terror Searches to be of Oriental males, this is called intelligence led policing. If we are not careful it is people like him and his thoughts that are going to create such a climate we allow incidents to happen by inaction for fear of being accused to racism.

And on the wider world stage, the news is full of the crisis in Lebanon, quite rightly Russia are refusing to support a resolution which does not have the support of Lebanon, the current resolution that has been tabled would allow Israel to remain on Lebanese terrorist and conduct “non offensive” operations. This has gone on long enough and as I have said if it was any other country that has done what the Israeli Cabinet have allowed the Western World would be screaming for War Crimes Trials, why should it be any different.

Some of the worst images to have come out of Israel are the pictures of young children signing the shells with smiles on their faces


Blogger Joe90 said...

What about the Police Officers who wear hoodies when they are off duty, or the average law abiding citizen who wears a hoodie, will they be banned from the stores aswell?

What is happening?

Blogger Tactical Thinking said...

Yes, I have alrady been stopped at one store in my town and told I couldnt come in, might jsut be because of my face though, lol

Anonymous Anonymous said...

American's regularly write 'messages' on their munitions, much like those israeli brats are writing on those shells.
This picture is just propaganda, something both Israel and and the Arab world have become expert at utilising. It doesnt say anything specific about Israel that couldnt also be said of the UK, US or any given Islamic state.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I remember the British are not adverse to writing messages on munitions as well..

Blogger thinblueline said...

recently I was tempted to "brief it" upon entereing a shop as the muppet at the door said I could not enter wearing a hoody.

Needless to say, I was not refused entry or sale after I pointed out that if he carried on pushing me he would be arrested for assault and I would ensure that all the local lads would use the store as there new place to hang out.

Power to the people !


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