09 August 2006

The sad side of human behaviour

Firstly to the gimp who posted the anti Semitic comment, crawl back under you stone!!!!!!

Now to the rest of my loyal readers, there are a number of things I would like to mention.

there have been a number of incidents in the UK involving the police, two of the incidents involve one force in particular.

the first incident is of a PCSO having a go at kids after some moany old git complained after the kids drew hop scotch squares on the ground to play, can I firstly say to the type of person who would complain GET A SODDING LIFE and the PCSO GROW A BACK BONE.

The second incident involved the same force, however this time involved police officers who arrested, detained, fingerprinted and DNA'd some kids after building a tree house, the Area Commander had said that they were destroying the tree.

Both these incidents remind me of one of the most annoying parts of being a police officer in the UK, the constant whingers you have to put up with.

We are at risk of demonising youths, many shops have banned customers from entering if they are wearing hoods, thankfully the Arch Bishop of York actually has a brain and had the guts to challenge the demonising of youths by deliberately wearing a hoody to a meeting.

I have lost count of the times I got called to "Youths causing a disturbance/Riot" I used to get so pissed off when people would exaggerate just to get a police response. Many cases the youths were doing sod all wrong. the Government are pandering to the wingers by blaming youths for anti Social Behaviour and endorsing the ban on hoodies.

The third incident with the police was the esteemed AC of the Met Mr Tarique Ghaffur, he believes law enforcement organisations are acting in a biased way against Muslims. The current PC way of thinking is that Muslims "Collective" can do no wrong and that to challenge this view is racist. I remember when Lord Condon I believe said that the majority of reported muggings in London was committed by Black Males, there was a huge out cry from the rose tinted brigade accusing his of racism, was it racist, NO IT WAS FACT, he made a statement based on information given to him by witnesses/victims, did he say all black males were muggers? NO.

I know large parts of the Muslim community in the UK are peaceful and law abiding, but it is the unwillingness of the authorities to deal with the Muslim community that is causing the problems, one leading in the Muslim community raised the lack of engagement by the authorities for the ongoing child abuse that occurs in some areas of the Muslim community as the authorities are afraid to do anything in case they are accused of being racist.

If the intelligence and previous incidents of suicide bombers in London had been white males, then I would expect white males to be the majority of people whoa re searched, same as if the bombers had been oriental then I would expect the majority of Anti Terror Searches to be of Oriental males, this is called intelligence led policing. If we are not careful it is people like him and his thoughts that are going to create such a climate we allow incidents to happen by inaction for fear of being accused to racism.

And on the wider world stage, the news is full of the crisis in Lebanon, quite rightly Russia are refusing to support a resolution which does not have the support of Lebanon, the current resolution that has been tabled would allow Israel to remain on Lebanese terrorist and conduct “non offensive” operations. This has gone on long enough and as I have said if it was any other country that has done what the Israeli Cabinet have allowed the Western World would be screaming for War Crimes Trials, why should it be any different.

Some of the worst images to have come out of Israel are the pictures of young children signing the shells with smiles on their faces

05 August 2006

Response to a Comment

As I said at the very beginning even if a comment was made that is different to my point of view and relevant then I would post it.

Fernando has left a new comment on your post "Response to a Comment from a moderator":

"If there is nothing wrong with the site, then why have so many people posted comments on here?"

Why are so many people that bothered that a moderated forum is censored? That's like going to McDonalds and moaning they sell fast food.

As to the "secret reports" the blogger keeps referring to, if they're secret how does he know about them?
I haven't seen anything on the specials site about this blog so, presumably, they're keeping a dignified silence. Here there are random accusations without any supporting evidence.

I hate to say it but I'm leaning towards this being a case of, at the very least, both parties being as bad as each other and it's teetering in to believing the only sour grapes are from outside the specials thing.

For what ever reason Fernando you either seem to have deliberately missed the point of chosen to ignore what people have been saying. The people on here including me who have complained about the censoring, we all agreed to join the forum according to the rules supplied, however we did not agree to our comments being edited to say something different or deliberately twisted out of context. There are three main complaints that people have 1: The double standards in the moderating, when you have forum members who are slammed for what ever reason and then you see a moderator doing exactly the same then of course this is going to annoy people. 2: In our police career we are held to account for our actions, it is with this principle in mind that has annoyed so many people with the complete contradiction of everything a police officer stands for in the way a site that clearly identifies it self as police related. 3: The complete lack of will to discuss any problems, if anyone on this blog has disagreed with me I have still posted their comment and replied to it, because I am man enough to accept that people dont think the same. To quote LV in a PM he has sent and:

“you could try listening to other people's points of view and be a bit more grown up about the fact that not everyone agrees with you”

Pity they cant take their own advice.

As for the reports, over time a number of moderators have mentioned this and there has been proof in that a number of forces PSD's have received unsolicited reports from PS.com. Have you missed the point that some many people have posted anaom comments for fear of their PSD receiving a report.

Please take the time to think before you post. Any thread on the forum has always been hastily closed of deleted, on the rare occasion the host asked for views, every single issue raised was dismissed.

The people who have listed incidents are not random, they are all people who had a difference of opinion to the "approved" one.

When things could potentially lead to disciplinary action do you really think people are going to post the evidence on here.

As for the sour grapes, if the standards are applied impartially to everyone including the moderators then people wouldn’t have a problem, they are not above anyone else, it is even worse when these people are supposed to be police officers. If you would like to discuss this one on one rather than waste space on here, feel free to email me at the address at the top.

02 August 2006

Meanwhile back in the real World

Well it seems the world is going to hell in a hand basket, we have the rumblings of WW3 starting out in the Middle East.

Whilst no one in their right mind can say Israel does not have the right to protect its self or that they had been subjected to years of terrorist attack, but lets be realistic they are hardly innocent themselves, lets not forget the Israeli terrorist attack on the hotel back in the days when the British were in Palestine.

They have deliberately targeted Red Cross convoys and ambulances, UN civilian Workers and troops and now Qana, why is it that if it was any other country who had done this the world would be united in screaming War Crimes, but it seems Israel can do what they like, they have shown time and again that they have no regard for international Law unless it is to their advantage. As for the road map, it clearly calls for no new settlements, but the government still allowed more.

Rather than making themselves safer they have done far more to damage World peace than anyone, as long with the leaders of the US & UK the three have done far more for the recruiting of the terrorist groups, and is it that will suffer?? Not the politicians, but innocent civilians.

Syria and Iran are close to being pulled into this conflict, I dred to think what will happen if they do. We all know Israel already has Nukes, along with Syria having the WMD's from Iraq that Saddam managed to get out before the Coalition moved in and Iran who are doing everything they can to form a weapons programme, it seems that many of the people giving the press conferences have missed this point, not to mention the last time Israel took the law into their own hands OPEC shut down the West by doing a fuel Embargo, can just see that happening again.

As for life in the UK, the fluffy do gooders are at it again, now in their infinite wisdom they are saying that women’s prisons should be closed, what planet are these hippies on?

For my British readers you will all know the National Lottery or the Lotto, they have developed a reputation for giving loads of money for off the wall causes that support various small groups in society. It seems the department that runs decides the good causes have a political agenda as they refuse request from the main stream society. They turned down a request from either Mountain Rescue or the RNLI because they didn’t rescue enough people from minority groups.

they have already refused a request to help with funding for a house in the Falklands that veterans could stay at when commemorating their fallen colleagues. It seems the only way to get anything in the UK is to belong to a special group who just seem to try and outdo each other as to who is the most persecuted.

Response to a Comment from a moderator

Unlike some I have no fear of criticism and am prepared to answer those criticisms, after all are we not adults?

I received a comment from what would appear to be one of the moderators, why the felt they needed to post an anonymous comment is beyond me, are they afraid to stand by their decisions? I can understadn why people who crticise the forum are anonymous as they don’t want a secretly compiled dossier to reach their PSD in revenge.

Perhaps if there are any legal eagles out there could let us know what the implications for these secret reports are when dealing with RIPA, DPA and the HRA?

I will now answer the post piece by piece:

For someone who doesn't like the site, the moderators or the host, you seem to spend a lot of time on there, digging for information and then ranting about it on here.

It is not the site I dont like, it is the underhand, bullying attitude of the host and some of the moderators, a few of them are actually quite normal and I enjoy catching up with them when I have managed to get to a social, any and all criticism on the forum is deleted rather than dealt with in an adult manner, by posting it on a separate medium other people can see the hypocrisy of some of the people on there, there are rules telling people that inappropriate language or comments would not be tolerated, but they are if a moderator does it.

Everything in this blog is backed up by individual people and also pm's and pages I have saved demonstrating this.

There is nothing wrong with the site, it has plenty of members and plenty of posts each day. There are other Police sites to be used if people don't like this one.

When you have moderators who bully people, compile what could potentially be illegal investigations of people, monitoring IPS not to mention passing on personal information to third parties, not to mention moderators advocating the police commit criminal acts then I would say yes there is something wrong. People are often told on there that a police officer cant have an off duty and on duty opinion, if that is the case, why are the standards that one would hope ALL the moderators use whilst on duty are applied when off duty, are people that insecure that they cant handle the criticism?

I'm sure you were impressed with the hits you had on your website at the start, but I'm sure that will soon die down once they all get bored of your rants.

It wouldn’t appear so, judging by the number of hits and the comments that have been made, it would seem there is allot of interest, why are you scared? Like me, many of the people who have made comments actually care about the police service and the oath they took. But after all there has been over 1640 hits so far, and close to 1000 have been since I mentioned the threat I recieved.

Good luck with you legal proceedings, would love to see how far you actually get

What legal proceedings are you on about, I am not the one who threatened it.

Maybe this post will appear, maybe it won't
All the best

I am man enough to accept that not everyone thinks the same way as me, that’s why your comment has been posted and I have replied to it personally, perhaps there are some on the forum who could take a lesson from this.